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There are 8 modules currently available at this time, the modules are added after every few months as our team keep building new modules.

Available Modules

The available modules are:

Module Description
Goals Contributions for investments
Merry Go Round Contributions are given to a member
Loans Normal loan payable in a period given
Soft Loans loans payable in a month / the next meeting
Shares Money contributed towards group growth
Welfare Amount to contribute for a member in need
Accounts To manage finances of the Chama/ Group
Meetings Help manage minutes by the secretary and frequency

This list will keep growing month to month.

Other Modules

There are other modules that are there because they are needed by default:

Module Description
Chama Settings Setting of groups
Profile User accounts
Members help manage of group members

in Progress Modules

This are modules we are working on:

Module Description
Penalty Penalise members on different things,e.g. for lack of payment of a loan
SMS SMS notifications
2FactorAuthentication To help to secure the system
Merry Go Round most requested to enable more than one member to receive.

Enable Module

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Disable Module

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